Baby shower

Misty • married my hs love. We have 2 teens, 1 preteen &1 reverse vasectomy baby born 1-10-19 and new baby due 9-23-20!

A couple weeks ago I posted about how I was jealous and a bit hurt because I got a baby shower invitation for a woman in my life group who is due around the same time as me and no one has mentioned a baby shower for me. I was happy for her, but it just hurt to feel left out. I didn't tell anyone except my husband and the post. All of my family lives in California and Washington and all of my husbands family is in California. we moved to texas a few years ago. My sister in law just got in touch with me last night asking if anyone was throwing me a shower. I just replied not that I know of. She then proceeded to tell me that baby and I need to be celebrated( my husband and I have a 15,14, and 11 year old. This baby is a huge blessing in our marriage from a change of heart when we decided to get a reverse vasectomy to have more kids) and asked me what I thought about her flying to Texas from California just to throw me a baby shower!! She's going to fly down and have my older girls help her shop for everything and decorate. She already has game ideas. All she wants me to do is get a list together of people to invite! I feel so blessed and loved!!❤❤❤