Just felt proud

Ashley Marie❤️ • 21 * Cat momma * 1 baby boy * 12/24/2018💕

I didn't really have any other group that this kind of post would go right in, so I just decided to post it here.

From the beginning of 2016 until now I have gone from being a 250 lb girl that would normally rather just stayed holed up in my parents house to getting out of my parents house, having a great relationship that has now been over a year and a half (We got together May 5th of 2017) and now almost due with a baby boy. It was really hard at first to complwtwly change who I was and lose all the weight that I did, but I finally got the courage to do it. And now, being under 200 lbs I feel better than I ever did. I feel so proud just sharing my little journey as I call it with you guys. Has anyone here gone through this kind of journey?