Major crush

I have a crush. And I really really like him. And I want to say he likes me back. But for some reason I just can’t. I can’t even fathom that he might like me back. And I want someone else’s opinion on if he does. Bc right now I can’t trust my own. He texts me all the time. He looks down at his phone and smile when I text him. We can always make each other laugh. He waits for me at my locker every morning. And talks to me all class. But he’s why he probably doesn’t, and why I think I’m friend zoned. He once texted me “I make sure to tell all my friends that”. And when I asked him for help finding a computer he said “I’m always happy to help when it comes to technology”. And i dont know. I feel friend zoned and sad. And honestly I think I might just give up. And stop all contact with him for a while. Just until this stupid crush goes away. I hope this all made sense