Am I asking for to much?

I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant, been having a few health issues with this pregnancy which is causing me not to be able to work. I’ve even tried to go back to my job (behind my doctors back, didn’t end well)

My s/o and I love with his parents at the moment due to him losing his oil field job and mine wasn’t enough o pay for his truck note, insurance, and rent and etc bills...

So we gave up everything besides truck note and insurance and started from the bottom again.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t live here rent free, we pay bills, but food etc. but having a baby who’s bout to be here and then having a house full of people (us, his older brother, his mom & dad) is kinda getting old. No privacy, we can’t come out of the room passed 10pm yet alone leave the house passed 10pm, little things like that. My biggest thing is once our child gets here Ik how it is having a new born baby... 12am feedings, 2am feedings, 4am feedings... 3 out of 5 people who live here work and have to wake up early, I really don’t wanna keep people up at night Bc of my child waking up for his feedings or just being fussy as a normal new born baby would be... I don’t wanna disrespect them by causing them not to be able to get their sleep for work(most of y’all should get where I’m coming from?)

I want our family to have our own home again, doesn’t have to be super nice, top of the line whatever idc. I just want us to have our own home and space so I don’t have to hear anyone say anything bout a crying baby....

He’s worked offshore on tug boats and we’ve been talking bout him going on the rigs I mean I’m not 100% on it but if it means us getting out of here and starting our life as a family without living with his family I’d take anything!!

But he’s one to change his mind, a lot! And he’s comfortable living how we are right now. But I’m once our baby comes we won’t be his “comfortable” living anymore.

Am I wrong to continue to bring up him changing jobs and at least trying to see what else is out there?

I’m stressing myself out over this and getting upset because I feel like he doesn’t even try and at the moment I can’t really help but I’ve put out more applications for myself than he has so far because I’m getting tired of living like this and not helping out for my family...

Again am I wrong for wanting him to try to find something better paying??