How do i help him?


So my bf and i have been dating for about 4mnths and have been official for about a month. Recently i had been wanting to be intimate with him and he would always say no. Then he came out with this goal, saying no sex till we lose weight!. That really upset me and made me feel so horrible. In the end he confessed that the “goal” was just a way to stall me finding out the truth. He told me he has premature ejaculation. Even after he told me, it was still stopping him a week later.

I honestly am not bothered by it or disappointed, but he really doesnt want to disappoint me. It makes me so sad that hes struggling with it. Anyway, so we finally did it yesterday and he didnt last long. He was so disappointed in himself, but i honestly wasnt disappointed, i was actually happy and felt good, that even though he hesitated, we still did it. I myself had a worry and now thats gone (he knew about it, i told him about it, because he told me about his PE).

I have told him a few times not to feel bad and that it doesnt bother me, im not disappointed, he hasnt disappointed me and he wont disappoint me. Now that we have done it, i still feel that way. I told him that i want to support him through this and i will, and that we will work through it together. I also said that communication is important, and that we can sort it out and make it better.

I basically told him i support him, im here for him and that we will work on it/through it together. But hes still taking it pretty hard. We will definitely be going to the gym, infact im taking him somewhere on Saturday, just us. Since we have just been doing adult stuff the past few weeks and not really going anywhere.

So any tips and advice would be helpful, esp if your partner has the same thing, what do you do to help or take anything to help. Thank you :)