What hurts

What hurts is when your partner leaves you pregnant for another woman. She gloats about how he’s the perfect man to her and 5 kids all from different men when he hasn’t even checked on his three month old son. It makes you think why we’re not worthy of his love and attention. I was a good woman to him. I never let him leave hungry, I spoiled him, and never left him unsatisfied. It makes you wonder why she’s so wonderful for him to leave.

I’m a good woman. I’m strong in faith, I’m in graduate school, I’ve never been drunk or high, and I present myself in a modest manner. He’s a college drop out, former alcoholic, and has a hard time keeping a job. He presents himself on social media as this man of faith preaching positivity and faith. He was a good father to his daughter when we were together but since he didn’t even bother to see her on Father’s Day.

I’m past being heart broken but just angry at everything he has put me through. I’m angry that this woman knew about me and has no shame in gloating about how perfect their relationship is on social media. I’m angry at myself for being blind to all of the red flags in our past relationship.

I remember one time when we were ttc and he told me I’m too good for him. He was right. He had to find someone on his own pitiful level and now that woman has her claws dug in him to where he choose her over his own children.

I know my son will be alright. He has a loving family. I know his half sister will be alright because she also has a good family. The only good thing he did was making babies with good educated women that can provide a good home for their babies.

To all the women out there in a similar situation just know it’s not our fault. We followed our hearts only to be walked all over. Only an unhealthy person can do that to another person especially an innocent baby. I was told we have to forgive those who hurt us because they are pitiful and don’t know any better. So cuddle our babies and let them know we’ll be alright. Kiss them on the forehead and let them know mommy’s got them. Our hearts hurt now but those empty spaces will be filled with our babies accomplishments.