Resting heart rate❤

Laura 💕

I'm TTC #1 for the past 3 months I do Opk's & chart everything & I have a fitbit which I also notice when I ovulate & when AF is coming from my resting heart rate, it peaks when I ovulate & drops straight after ovulation untill AF arrives & it's on point with my Opk's & the app so it's very helpful!👌

But I've noticed this month it's very different than other months I'm 10dpo today & my RHR just keeps going up 🤔 I know that this could be a sign of pregnancy but I don't want to test untill after AF is due in 4days, I need opinions please ladies I have my last month RHR chart picture & this month's for you to compare so 🤞👶🙏

Last months chart, I ovulated on the 3rd October.

This months chart to date, I ovulated on 2nd November.

What do you ladies think?!💖💕