Any Advice on a Missed Period?


My husband and I have been ttc for the past few months, knowing it could be a while before we get pregnant. This month, we had sex within the window quite a few times, and even hit the high day before ovulation (or what the app predicted, at least).

Almost immediately, I had indigestion for a few days. Now, we are three days late, and I haven’t had many symptoms at all that I’m used to having with my period. I had some cramping on Friday, and currently have sore breasts, but the bloating is gone, I’m not getting headaches like I normally do, and I’m having some small sharp pinches in my stomach, on either side of my belly button. No bleeding or spotting.

I have taken two pregnancy tests, the equate brand (which I know has blue ink, but I didn’t want to spring for the more expensive tests with pink, because I can be quick to test sometimes), one on Saturday morning and one this morning, and both have been clear negatives, no vvfl.

Is it possible for me to just miss a period? I’m trying not to get my hopes up about a pregnancy, especially with two tests telling me otherwise, but I am not used to missing periods either. I don’t want to think I’m out this month, but I don’t really know what to think. Do I test again? Do I try to go get a blood test?


Tl;dr - I missed my period by three days and haven’t tested positive with the equate brand tests. Looking for advice on what to do next. Thanks!