Best way to clear a yeast infection

Hello, so I think I am having trouble with a yeast infection, I have never had one before but I normally keep it bald down there, and more often than not I would get really itchy, like... REALLY itchy. It would get swollen and red especially around my vaginal opening and labia. Last time I had that happen was about nine days ago, I have been growing my pubic hair out since a little before that happened to see if it helps.

Recently I am having very painful sex. It hurts like the inner right side of my vagina.

Could this be a yeast infection or could it be just too much sex, like I think we had sex 4 days in a row, twice one of those days and yesterday it was hurting to the point we had to stop. But today we had sex and he was more gentle and it definitely was not as bad as yesterday. Could this just be a friction thing or something else?

Also lately I feel like my sex drive hasn't been as crazy as it used to be like a couple months back.

Anyway, I just want to know if I can take azo yeast pills if I'm not sure if I have a yeast infection, it's not gonna hurt me right? Also what is the best way to get rid of a yeast infection?

Supositories are off the table, I have the azo yeast plus pills though.

How do the azo yeast pills work? Because I've taken azo UTI pills before and they make your pee and discharge orange, right?