Miscarriage or early pregnancy?

CJ • I have Fibromyalgia and Celiac`s Diease. Have a lovely husband. Spontaneous craftsmith. Have 4 cats and 1 dog with diabetes (furbabies).

Has anyone ever been told they had a miscarriage, but actually they were just having a period like problem in early pregnancy?

I just got back from the ER and was told I was having a miscarriage. My husband said there was a small spot on the ultrasound. My friend is in her third trimester and thinks just maybe I’m 4 weeks. ER said I should be 9 weeks. I’m devastated to be honest. The blood was more brown with blood red coloring and was heavier than my normal periods. Was not bright pink in color. Heavy cramps to follow. My mother-in-law went through something similar and it was just an expel of what the body didn’t need.

My hcg level is at 195.5 (looked at the test results myself). Not hopeful at this point, but was told to see an obgyn in 2 days which I plan to do.

Last period was Sept. 6-9. I’m consistent on my periods but not ovulation. I do have PCOS.