So excited!

first tests taken November 1st. Last period was October 1st and my cycles are so random! So I don't know when I ovulated as I have PCOS and was told I couldnt get pregnant without treatment.

second test today November 12th!! I went to the hospital last night for brown spotting and light cramping becuase I was scared as it's my first. ultrasound showed nothing as it's still too early, so I must have ovulated late. my HCG was 66 yesterday. the ER doctor wants me to come back tomorrow for another HCG, but I'm going to say everything is progressing properly becuase this test today is twice as dark as the test I took Saturday! this is my miracle baby. we BD 1 time! I didn't track anything so I don't know when I ovulated or anything else. we BD on October 19th, I know that much!. I've already seen my midwife. I go for my first ultrasounds on November 27th. I love this baby so much already!