Idk how many dpo I am....


*Update in comments*

I took the bottom picture (an hour ago) because I got a new pack of cheapies (provent) and I usually use one right when I get the pack so I know if it leaves a small line/indent - that I shouldnt get my hopes up if I get a false faint bfp when I do need to take it.

So I took this as my testing test lol... But this happened. BFP

Ive never used provent before. Idk if I can get my hopes up or not! I think Im only 6-8 dpo?? And these are suppose to be 10 muis.

An hour later - JUST NOW... I peed again and got another bfp at 2 min. So I dipped 2 more! And those lines are a little weird.... But look for yourself and tell me what you think.