Bf needs space

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So about a week ago my bf tried ending things w me in the heat of the moment bc we were fighting but then proceeded to regret that decision & stayed w me. I was crying the next day because I was hurt that he even considered leaving me, he felt bad seeing me cry & thought that it wouldn’t be fair to me to always feel this way so he really did leave. It’s been 4 days, mind you he’s my next door neighbor. I messaged him asking him if we could work things out, he’s response was “if we got back together I know you’ll cry and be sad like you were the other day, and your parents probably hate me as of now so idk if I can fix that” I haven’t told my dad, but my mom knows everything, anyways they don’t hate him is my point. I told him to think about it & let me know what he really wants (this is me giving him space) he agreed & told me he would get back to me. I really do hope he gives us another chance, I’m literally pushing my pride aside to make this work because he’s been nothing but good to me, I can’t complain not one bit. I know he loves me & I love him but I’m afraid we’ll drift apart even more. What should I do/ think?