Things I didn’t know

So today I was giving my boyfriend head and he stopped me and asked if he could finish on my face I said yes so I started using my hand and he finish and it landed on my eye. I had closed my eyes before hand but then I went to open my left eye(it landed on my right) and I think I also opened my right eye a bit. I went to the bathroom and started rinsing off my eye and when I got done MY EYE WAS RED!!! It hurt a bit cause I had scrubbed it hard but it was sooo red! I freaked out and told him he gave me pink eye! He said no it’s not pink eye you’re eye is just irritated. Well i hopped in the shower and washed my hand really good and started to rinse my eye out more the red started going down and then i added some eye drops and for the most part it’s clear. Just the sides of my eye are still kind of pink. Is it going to keep fading or will I end up with pink eye? Lol TIA