No PPAF but positive OPK and cramping/IB



Currently breastfeeding 1-2x a day, LO is 17.5m old. Noticed EWCM and cramping starting develop in a cycle for the past few months so to me that was a good sign that things were starting to get back on track.

November 4,5,6,7 and 8 I had LOTS of EWCM. Tested with OPKs and got strong surges on Nov 7 and 8th. BD’d on nov 7, twice nov 8 and again nov 10. Had moderate cramping on the 10th (before BD) for a few hours, mostly right sided but also generally all over. Yesterday (Nov 13) I had pink and brown tinged discharge and mild consistent cramping. As the day went on it became dark red/watery red, no clots, and mostly has the consistency of CM. Today it’s the same, hasn’t gotten any heavier, and the cramps are very mild and fleeting. They say IB is only pink/brownish but this was darker red than I’d have liked to see. My only wondering with this is where I haven’t had a period PP that maybe I have a thicker lining and some extra bleeding with IB would be normal? Or is this my first AF even though the timing doesn’t make sense with positive OPK only a week ago.

Tested today and of course a BFN