Rude MIL comments


So I went to visit my in-laws last night with my husband, after having our two year old stay with them for a week. We were chatting away while cleaning up dinner, and she was raving about how well behaved our kids are (we also have a 7 month old).

Then I had asked her if she was going to another family members baby shower this upcoming weekend. As we were talking about that, she suddenly got into the conversation about how sometimes "people" (I truly felt she was implying me) take getting pregnant for granted so that's why she is attending this person's baby shower. After that implication, she proceeded to tell me that she wished her son and I had waited to had kids ....

I was very offended, for many reasons but i continued to let her speak. She said she just wished we had taken two years to be "alone" in our marriage. (We got married Oct 2015, had our first son November 2016). I was offended for many reasons because #1, I've been with her son since high school. I'm now 25 , he's 29. Their entire family has seen us grow up together. I think our story is beautiful! We have a house, both have great jobs, a new car (ALL OF THIS BEFORE KIDS BTW), and decided that I would be a stay at home mom after our first was born. After she was finished, I just told her was that I was sorry she felt that way and left it at that.

When I was 19 I was supposed to have an oophorectomy (removal of both of ovaries) due to a very aggressive case of PCOS that sent me to the ER. It just disappointed me that she said that because she used to work at the doctor's office and was there when I was diagnosed!!!!! Its like she just completely forgot about my struggles because I have kids now. My husband and I decided to try as soon as possible in fears I would have trouble conceiving since I decided not to go through with the surgery and chose hormone therapy instead. I reminded her of that and then she tried to recover saying "well now i see that at the end of the day, it doesn't matter when you have kids because they take over your life. They're always there and you have to take care of them. It's a lot"

And I just sat there like....DUH!!!!!! After she said that, again, I just told her that I wouldn't have changed anything and I'm a proud mom. I love all the chaos because at the end of the day I was blessed to have two beautiful babies when I thought I wouldn't be able to have any.

I'm just annoyed that she even had to say that. Whats the point? So tired of people trying to insert THEIR emotions into my life. and I feel like people always feel they have the right to do that because I'm young. As if my age makes me any less of a mother.