My wish

✨Emily✨ • You saw I was rude to someone now your here to stalk😘 can't see much hunny✌️ Report away I didn't know we were little girls tattling on each other 😅😘

My wish for my children is to grow up strong and

Healthy and never let anyone tell them differently I want them to grow up and find someone who loves them and will do anything for them I want All their wishes to come true there not anything I wouldn’t do to make everything In there lives to be the way they want it. Even when you cry for no reason or nag me for no reason lol I will love them no matter the choices they make it’s hurts me knowing that one day they won’t need me anymore but I never want them to forget how much I love them. I want them to be able to achieve any goals and become anything they want🥰

Sorry for this but it’s how I’ve been feeling tonight because I love them so much and never want them to grow up 😭😭