Baby’s first gift


I live with my in-laws for now (got married last year). I came home from my celebratory “we made it to 20 weeks now” prenatal yoga yesterday and my husband said my MIL wanted to talk to me as I was on my way home. I freaked. I thought, “Is she upset because I left my mug unwashed in the sink?” Or “Is she kicking us out?”

I got home and I walked in to talk to her. She’s sitting in the living room. She pats the empty seat next to her instructing me to sit there. I do so. She then points to a large bag besides me and tells me to look inside. It is so many little clothing pieces for our little baby-to-be! I looked at the first piece and started crying because I’m a hormonal mess! She told us she also wants to get us our crib since it’s our first and wants to help since we’ll be moving out closer to my due date.

I know sometimes she can be a tad overbearing, but she means well. I’m super thankful :)