Successful first ultrasound ❤️

Mathilde • Living with the love of my life and our little babygirl 💑 June 7th 2019 👶🏼 ❤️

Everything was perfect!! I’ve never been this happy in my life, my SO and me are just over the moon happy!! What a miracle, thank you God 🙏

The baby was jumping around constantly, it was so funny, he/she also waved haha, we heard the little heart and the doctor said that he/she just looked perfect and risks were very low; 1:20.000, so he told us not to worry. (Sorry, English isn’t my native language, so I don’t know the medical terms of what the risks were for)

I’m so happy, I was so nervous but everything was perfect 😭😍

Seeing this miracle growing inside of me, hearing his/her heartbeat... it was such a special feeling and happiness on a whole new level ❤️

Baby measured 11w6d, so I’m due May 31st 2019 ❤️