Long distance relationship

I’am 21 & in a long distance relationship I have been for almost 5 years now & it’s been hard I see my boyfriend one month then usually there’s a long wait period he’s always had to come to me because my parents make it hard for me to see him on my own. Which I don’t think is fair my brother has took me to see him twice since they live in the same state but still he even makes it hard for me to because when I ask they all say the same “ he’s the one who needs to come to you, that’s not your job “ but I don’t agree with that we are in a long distance if I could I would’ve took the bus but my parents make it so hard he’s come up to see me more then I have and it frustrates me. I feel at this point moving out to be with him would be best. My parents I know are going to get mad but they control me so much. Help advice would be nice ladies :/