Sick of hearing about weight gain


Is anyone else so sick and tired of hearing that they need to watch their weight? I eat pretty healthy, considering what I hear other pregnant women saying they eat. I also was diagnosed with PCOS before getting pregnant so I have to try harder not to gain it, which I have.

In birthing classes I here other women say that they eat so much candy and they’ve eaten entire tubs of ice cream when they want to (no judgement, I just don’t have a sweet tooth right now). But my doctors are telling me to watch my weight and what I eat. I hardly eat any sweets, mostly fruits and veggies and protein. I can’t help it if my body retains more.

It’s just so disheartening to hear it every appointment when I’m exercising and eating fairly healthy. I’ve only gained 40 pounds total and am 34 weeks. You can’t even tell I’m pregnant from behind. It’s all belly and some in my thighs. Just frustrated and it makes me see how easy it is to mom-shame or feel ashamed even when you’re doing everything you can.