Ch 6 A special kind of magic

As he pulled my thong off with his teeth my pussy throbbed. He licked up my things and then in between my lips. He bite my clit, I gasped. He shoved a finger in me and added another. He curved them to hit my g-spot. I moaned saying “Fuck” he laughed. He planted his mouth right on my clit sucking away. My back was arched and he kept a constant pace with his fingers. My back was arched. Every now and then he would lightly bite my clit. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Fuck fuck Damian, I’m going to cum” I released into his hand and he slurped it up. He went up to my face and kissed me, I could still taste myself on his lips. He gave me a minute to completely get over my orgasm. Then he picked my up and laid me over his hood my ass in the air. He shoved himself in me from the back. I screamed. He pulled my hair, his balls clapping like thunder on my ass. My back was arched, I was in the zone. Then he stopped. And flipped me over and put my legs on his shoulders. He started pounding me again. He had his hands on my hips and guided himself in me. He groaned as he did it. He started to rub my clit as he kept thrusting. I was a moaning mess and I had already came. He kept going tho, I can again and then again. He kept rubbing my clit also. I couldn’t breathe I just kept cumming. He then said “I’m about to come, where do you want it” “In me” he released and filled me up. It made me come again then he pulled out. He picked me up and laid me down on the blanket next to him. He grabbed another blanket and covered us up as we looked at the stars. I laid my head on his chest and he pulled me close. He kissed my forehead and ran his fingers through my hair. I fell asleep in his arms. I woke up to Damian laying me in the backseat of his car. I had his shirt on and I was covered in his blanket. I look at him and said “Thank you” “No problem, now sleep.” I closed my eyes again and drifted off. We got back to school and he opened the car door for me. I didn’t want to get caught so I cast the spell as always. He carried me to his room and laid me on his bed. He turned on the shower in his bathroom. He picked me up and carried me to his shower. I took off my shirt and thong and bra. I hopped in let the water run down my head. Damian admired my body. I hopped out and let him get in. I admired him as his showered. The water coming down his jaw and his hair dripping made me melt. He looked at me and winked, I giggled. He hopped too and put the towel around his waist. I had a towel around me and my hair was wet. He admired me and I admired him. He walked to his small closet and grabbed a shirt for me and some boxers for him. I put on his shirt but I was cold and shivered a little bit. He noticed and said “Here babe take my hoodie” I put it on and it smelt like him. It was really big on me so it was perfect. He put on his boxers and no shirt. I blushed as he looked at me up and down. He carried me to his bed. He laid me next to him, I snuggled up against his chest and fell asleep

To be continued