Boys “stereotype” for girls. *mini rant*


I hate it when boys “stereotype” us.

For example:

• girls are so complicated

• you think your right. But your not actually ever right

• Girls always have a problem

• they are always the ones wrong in an argument, because they use “girl logic”

• their heads are just filled with air

• they are just so stupidly cute

•they don’t care about anything but “looks”

And I could go on....and on..and on

First of...

• girls aren’t that complicated they say stuff like “I’m not quite sure what’s wrong” or “I feel___.” Boys don’t just take time to listen. Or care

• 1/2 the time boys are to stuck in their own ways that they can’t see that there is another way or correct answer (our answer. Sometimes we are right)

• actually most of the time (and I can only speak for myself here), I tone down my problems, cause there is no point in getting boys worried. Or cause it’s more trouble

• sometimes we can just think more clearly then you, and even if it’s a different answer and a different reason, doesn’t make us wrong cause of “girl logic”

• we are very cute! I agree!! But there are so many beautiful girls and women, who have a magnificent head on their shoulders, and brains in their head, you just don’t care enough to see it.

• there are so many girls who just want to do well in life, and they couldn’t care less about how they appear to the world, they only care about how what they do makes them feel. If they are confident in their body, then let them show it.

This is me...

I am 15 years old. And I hope someday I can meet a real MAN

I just want to be told that my opinion matters, that I am worthy of their time, and thoughts. That they would actually care about my feelings.

I just want to be understood!

Thank you! ❤️

****also. Not sure where to post this. I just had to get it out****