Guy Who Can’t Take The Hint!!

Okay. So I’m currently in high school, and there’s this guy who I think likes me. So let’s take this story back to last year. He was in the school talent show that one of my friends was in charge of. She didn’t have time to pass out participation awards to 3 other kids, so she asked me to do it for her. One of the three was the guy I’m writing about. Let’s call him stfu. So the next school year comes around and I constantly see stfu flashing around his participation award like it’s some shiny award. Like get over yourself already, it’s been a damm year! And stfu and I are forced to sit together in class. He shows me the award and asked me if I remember giving it to him, then he asked me “why did you give this to me?(empathizing YOU)” and I told him I did because my friend asked me to. He then proceeded to say, “ No you’re wrong, I think you gave it to me for another reason.” Like dead ass, I proceeded to tell him that I gave two other people the same award bu he still was adamant that I gave him the award for a special reason. Then it hit me! This boy thinks I like him! Like shit, does he thing the dumb award represents my love for him? Someone call the doctor! The reason he’s called stfu is because is ego is the size of Texas and he can’t stop talking about himself. I try to ignore him, but lord this child doesn’t now how to mind his own business! He just keeps on talking and talking and talking nonstop. LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY! If I don’t flirt back, laugh at your dumb comments, and smile at you, the I don’t fucking like you! Goshhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I catch him stealing glances at me every now and then too. Give me advice, I’m desperate. Save me from another headache please!