Brown/tan discharge at 5w1d post MC

Jessica • Wife 💍•Mommy to 👧🏻 and 1 👼🏻• Our 🌈 girl was born on 07•13•19

We lost a baby at 5.5 weeks in early September, my HCG stopped rising and progesterone had dropped to a 3. Just got our BFP 2 weeks ago, and an currently 5w1d. My last MC started as painless, symptomless brown discharge that I was told was normal for 5 weeks. Well, woke up this morning to light brown/tan discharge. Last checked, progesterone was 18 and HCG was 1,596-my doctor said levels were perfect. Of course I can’t see her until tomorrow but I am in a state of panic. Picture posted is just now, it was a tad darker and more this morning. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance