10 Things I Hate About the Holiday Season


I hate the holiday season.

I hate that everyone uses this time to announce their pregnancies.

I hate that despite begging and praying, lifestyle and diet changes, handfuls of pills, etc., I can’t get my miracle.

I hate the envy I feel when a friend posts their new born announcement or their pregnancy announcement.

I hate that I feel like a broken woman. Like my body won’t do the one thing it is supposed to.

I hate feeling like I am letting my husband down, even though he assures me I am enough.

I hate the “just relaxes” “when god thinks the time is rights” the “just stop tryings” and the “when are you guys gonna start a family” comments/questions.

I hate seeing all of my friends with their kids doing holiday things; Santa pictures, Christmas pajamas, Elf on the Shelf, etc. knowing I may never get to have these experiences with kids that are my own.

I hate the anger, sadness, and frustration I feel.

I hate that despite it all I can’t seem to stop hoping, can’t seem to stop trying.