Glow messed up

Okay so ever since I downloaded this app my ovulation dates have changed 3 to 4 times already I don't really have regular periods I have been tracking my cycle ever since I had my son a year and a half ago and when I first had him I was getting my period every month or every other month but then last year around December I went 4 months without getting a period (I never breast fed BTW) so whatever fast forward to now I have been TTC for About 3 months now and I have been getting my periods quite Regularly, I get it every month but my Cycle is like a anywhere from a 42 day cycle to a 48 day cycle so anyways Glow Said I was Suppose to ovulate On the 6th of this month and I know I shouldn't trust Glow and that I should use OPKs but honestly I just don't want to add anymore stress on top I'm kinda in the "if it happends it happends" kind of stage I want to

Have fun while TTC rather than stressing out witch is very hard to do weather or not you track With OPKs or not still very stressful when you get your period but why does Glow keep changing my ovulation date everytime I log in my period like I said before Glow said my ovulation date was the 6th of this month now after i logged in my period it's saying I ovulated the 28th 🤦🏻‍♀️