Asshole or cautious?


So I found out I was pregnant around 2-4 weeks. I told my husband a few days later. We told our parents at 13 weeks, telling my boss and officially announcing to everyone on Thanksgiving after 17 weeks. But with a the few I’ve told I’ve heard comments that kinda hurt like “that’s weird you’re waiting to tell people” or “aren’t you excited? Why haven’t you told anyone?” I know they’re not meaning to be insensitive but they think I’m weird for waiting. In no way am I intending to lose my baby but I know there is still a chance for complication and I would totally regret telling people if that happened because I wouldn’t be strong enough to admit I lost him. Am I being an asshole or weird? When did you tell? Does anyone else feel like keeping their bundle of joy to themselves and not like they have to share with the world?