38weeks 6days, shot to stop contractions??

MomLifeToTheMax • ♡ 2 beautiful babies!

I'm so upset. I had been having contractions mild, and not consistent for 3 days. Then yesterday i started to spot a bit around 2pm. At 4pm my mucus plug came out and the bloody show, it continued throughout the day. I carried on normally since my water hasn't broke. By 5 or 6 i started getting strong contractions. I went to the hospital to get checked around 10pm. They told me the contractions are 10min apart and I'm only 2cm dilated. So they called my Dr, who doesn't want to induce me amd he had them give me a shot. Apparently the shot is to stop contractions... I'm almost due, is that ok for them to do this far out?? How long will that shot hold off my labor till? I'm due in 9days. I don't want it to slow my progress. I'm stressed and upset. Has this happen to anyone before. My dr doesnt even want to see me till my due date on the 26. My baby has been estimated measuring 8lbs since 3 weeks ago... I know they will come when they are ready,but what about the shot how does that change things??