I am making this a poll but would like you to type your answers & thoughts below to show my SO please!!!

Okay so me & my SO have been seeing each other for FIVE years!!! He is honestly the BEST man I have ever been with, in every aspect, every single way!!! He is the most kind, most loving, has best personality, never fails to make me laugh, he is the BEST at sex, alllllll of it!!!!

So we are having a problem with him not thinking he is good enough in bed bc I can’t cum. I do when he eats me out & when I rub my clit, but I can’t with just penetration!

He says he has never had this problem with anyone else! I googled it to see what was wrong with me & they said most women can’t cum from penetration. Obviously some can but I am just not one of them.

This is hurting our sex life!

Can you please let me know if you can only cum with clit stimulation, can only cum with penetration, can cum with both, or can’t cum at all?

What do your men think about you cumming with both, cumming with just clit stimulation, or not cumming at all?

I want him to see I am not alone & that there is nothing wrong with him or our sex..

I want him to see women & men’s opinions & thoughts!

Please & thank you!!!!!

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