Need tips and advice for anal

I did anal for the first time in many many years. Last time I did anal was probably 6 years ago. I really liked it but the guy I was with didnt so we just never did it again. Recently I got with someone who really enjoys it and has more experience with it than I do.

Well....its been so long since the last time that this time was difficult to get it did hurt but in a good way. He did full penetration and went all the way in...I mean every inch. It felt amazing as he took me from behind, pulled my hair and f*cked me in the a** as hard as he could!

My only problem is afterwards I was definitely bleeding, there was definitely a little poop which I felt a little embarrassed about but he didnt seem to care, and it's been over an hour and my ass still hurts.

Is there a better way to prevent the bleeding and the pain afterwards? Spit didnt seem to make a good enough lube. Is there one you recommend? Also, We dont use buttplugs because we dont even have any!