Single mom & Scared

How did you get some place to rent to you when it went from a two income to a one income home, just you and your child(ren)?

I know I’ll need to be full time for 3 months or more; work temporarily put me part time due to a surgery I had and is currently the only school paying me $11.75/hr with 50% off child care for my 7 month old. Which is hard to pass up. But I won’t have 2-3x rent to prove and alone my credit isn’t the best. It’s not terrible but it’s no 630 either.

I’m going crazy. I’m about to move in with my mom, 2 siblings and step father. With my little girl. In their 3 bed 2 bath under 1000sqft apartment to sleep on the couch for god knows how long. I’m fuming.

And to top it off. My soon to be ex husband is moving into his parents place. Where I know I’ll lose the agreed upon money which is half his pay checks to help me with the baby and bills because his dad is controlling and won’t let his 23 year old son have control of his checks since my ex will be working for him. Finalizing our divorce and setting up child support can’t happen quick enough!!