Why is this so difficult?!?

I am really trying to keep my hopes up, but it's super hard especially when everyone else is announcing their pregnancy. My husband and I have been trying since around June/July.. I am 30 he is 28. He is fit I am a little overweight. We both have one kid from a previous relationship, mine 11 his 3.5. Attached is my Glow calendar- we used pre seed each time last month.

I had 2-3 days light spotting but no actual period, which is unusual for me because I am usually regular. I took a test the first day of spotting, both pregnancy and ovulation...both were neg. I then took another hpt( both dollar store brand) today and it came back negative.

Anyone have any similar situation, wise words for me?!? This is really getting me upset and I'm loosing hope. Thanks!!!