Quick question, Relationship


Maybe I’m thinking too much,

Wait, yes. Probably am...

I met a guy a month ago and we’ve hung out 10 times within the month.

First 3 times we hung out, I didn’t let him do anything. But he’d still proceed to stay the night and hangout in the morning.

After the 3rd time we started hooking up.

after the 5th time we hung out we had “the talk” and he told me he’s not out searching for a relationship but he’s open to one if it happens” phrase.

So I backed off. Cause in my head that means, “I don’t want a relationship” We stopped talking for 2 days, and then proceeded to Then, hangout go out to eat, go to the movies etc. things we were doing per usual...

Every time we go out into public we run into random people and aimlessly play a game where we pretend to be people that we aren’t.

Whenever we go out he ALWAYS tells the people that we happen to talk to, “isn’t she sooo beautiful?”

And I awkwardly stand there like “🤷🏾‍♀️ thank you?”

Knowing damn well he said he doesn’t want anything.

Also noticed he’s very protective and stays very close to me when were at bars physically making it known that we are a package

I decided to test something out and I noticed that every time we see each other he EXPECTS me to give him a hug and a kiss and ask him how his day is, and when he leaves he expects me to give I’m a long hug goodbye and a kiss goodbye..

When I don’t do these things, he gets very bothered... and will grab my arm saying “come here” and, hint that he expects the kiss and hug.

Is he maybe developing feelings or something I’m confused..