I need some help, I’m SUPER confused 🤯


I have been trying to conceive baby #2 for 10 months. I started taking geritol on cd 1. I also used opks this cycle and had a confirmed positive on cycle day 14. Now I didn’t bd on the confirmed ovulation date but I did bd that week of my fertile window. I did my best not to symptom spot, but it was kind of hard when you have physical pain. On 7dpo I started to have back pain, which still has not subsided on 11dpo. Also on 7dpo I started cramping which is very unlikely for me but then on 8dpo I got “lightening crotch” and it was way worse then any af cramp I’ve ever had. 8dpo I also noticed my boobs were starting to hurt when I wore a bra, when they were touched, in the shower. Now I have never had breast pain except for my first pregnancy. I thought that symptom would subside or go away but it hasn’t. 9dpo I threw up out of no where. I was slightly concerned with these symptoms as they have have not subsided or came and gone. I still have the bad back pain, the constant mild cramping, and the tender breasts that look a little fuller to me. Since I’m a POAS addict I took a hpt on 9dpo and an OPK. The hpt was negative and the OPK was a blazing positive. I know you can surge a second time right before af and that’s fine (I know I’m not ovulating, normally I want to bd every minute of everyday when I am but I don’t even want to be touched and being fingered was super painful.) but the tender breasts which is something I have never had besides pregnancy is super concerning. Below is my opks.. HELP😩