Judgement Free Zone!


Ok.. so it’s about to get realllll TMI up in here.

So, I can’t see my vag anymore. Like at all. I haven’t shaved her in months, besides my bikini line & even that’s a joke. There is a chinchilla between my legs right now.

I want to get a wax. I’ve only ever gotten one & it wasn’t that great. I paid for a Brazilian, but the girl that did it was in a hurry. She left hairs in places, and didn’t even pay attention to the butt crack. Like come on. It was expensive & I wasn’t really happy with it.

I don’t want to be hairy when I go into labor and honestly just want to feel feminine again & not like Bigfoot. I don’t want to waste my money like the first time though.

And another thing..

How embarrassing is a dark, swollen, pregnant, hairy vag? And hemorrhoids to top it off?! I don’t want to scare anyone away.

What do I do?!