Advice, suggestions, help?! 🙏🏻😞🤨🧐


I posted in the appropriate group but, got no responses. Trying here if I’ll be able to get at least one comment.

I’ve been diagnosed for subclinical hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed when my levels were 6.75. I was put on 0.05 then it dropped to 0.32. I felt that it was too risky for me to continue that dose as that would take me over the edge to Hyperthyroidism. Now, I’m on 0.025 and TSH came back at 2.11.

I do NOT feel good in any way with this new dose. I’m always tired, exhausted, I now have mid-cycle bleeding and my hair started to fall out again. I’ve gained weight easily when I remained on my normal diet. I’ve been working with my OBGYN and I feel like I should get another opinion about tests. Should I see my primary care doctor? A Endocrinologist? A Fertility specialist? Is 2.11 even a good level to be TTC?? I’ve read that the optimal level was between 1.0 to 1.5?

I’m stuck and don’t know which direction I should go. I believe that I shouldn’t go back to my OB because it may waste both of our time and, she’s coming off as someone that doesn’t want to work with me. Plus, the only test she’s done was either the free T4 and TSH sensitive.