Sick sick so sick

I didn't know one person could barf so much.

I remember being a teenager and thinking I was fat. I tried to make myself puke once but i just couldnt do it. There went that idea. But i swear even thinking about food at 11 weeks pregnant makes me barf. Funny. When I want a bump, I puke so much I cant gain wait. But stupid teenage me couldnt lose a pound to save her life.

My kid puked (in my bed in the middle of the night I might add) last night and we couldnt figure out what it was. It must have been chicken because mine looked the exactly the same after I said fuck it and ate some dinosaur chicken nuggets.

Its kinda scary how much barf a plastic Kroger bag can hold. I keep some in my room because I get dizzy and sweaty and scared when I barf alot. I figure if I am sitting down, i wont pass out.

I have to go to an all day meeting tomorrow where we have been told to dress comfy because there will be alot of moving around. Are you fucking kidding me? Im not going to be able to eat anything but crackers because I am terrified I will puke in front of higher ups that have never seen me vulnerable.

Did I mention I am on anti nausea meds and they stopped working about a week ago?

***Sorry to vent. It just feels good to say it all to somebody besides my husband. I am excited to be pregnant. Dont get me wrong. I just feel like shit.***