Christmas for nanny?


Hello friends! I’ve been super busy with my 5 month old so I haven’t been on here much. With that being said- I’m sorry if this has already been asked. I need help coming up with gift ideas for my nanny.

The problem is.. she isn’t just “the nanny.” She has become such a dear friend. She takes my daughter to appts, cares for her when she is sick, is unbelievably flexible, and most importantly... she loves my daughter with her whole heart. I am a single mom and there is nothing that means more to me.

She also takes care of ME! I spent today in the ER with pneumonia. On a day that she was supposed to be off, she came to the hospital, took my baby home and watched her all day, and to top it off- she won’t let me pick her up until tomorrow so I can get some rest.

I just need something special. I don’t want to just give her a cash bonus (don’t worry all you caregivers out there- she’s getting that too) as it doesn’t seem like its enough.

She isn’t religious and a lot of the cutesy stuff I found went in that direction.

Please help!!! Thanks in advance. Oh and this is the two of them ❤️