Overreacting ? Probably

So last night I broke up with my boyfriend. We had been fighting the whole day but there’s more to it, I didn’t just do it because of fighting for hours. Anyway, things were going okay and then suddenly I see he follows 4 new girls on Instagram. I check it out and it’s all these big booty chicks and I ss them and showed him. I said, “really? you wanna do this” Now I know I’m insecure, I don’t need a bunch of strangers telling me something I already know. Anyway, yes I’m insecure but lately I’ve been loving my myself which is so different to me and I love it. I use to be really insecure in the beginning of our relationship (over a year) and I would yell and get upset when he would like a really pretty girls picture. I was hurt and I told him how it made me feel so he said he’ll stop. Cut to a few months later I see he liked 1 more picture. I bring it up again and said “you said you were gonna stop” and he just said I did that by accident. Now me being the insecure ass girlfriend went on his phone (he gave it to me, I wasn’t being sneaky) and unfollowed this one girl I absolutely hate. Now, I see he liked this girls picture so I’m like why and I told him I unfollowed her, 30 seconds later he follows her again! So I got mad and left basically. My dumbass said, “I let you keep so many other girls and you’re not happy lol?” Fast forward to tonight, we argue and he follows these girls and this was really the last straw for me. I haven’t been that way or insecure in forever and something just came over me and I broke up with him. I said, “you never respect me and my choices” which is true. I know my relationship is toxic and this was an easy way for me to get out. I told him, “I did the exact same thing you did and now you’re mad so you do it again?” I absolutely hate that. I understand I did it too but I was just following his actions, you don’t get to do more while I do much less because you don’t like it. So yes, I broke up with him over this. Last night he was begging and saying, it was a misunderstanding but how? You knew what you were doing yet it’s a ‘misunderstanding.’ That just seemed stupid to me. After a long talk about everything my dumbass took him back. I feel so lost now and I just need someone to tell me if I’m overreacting by breaking up with him over a bunch of follows. Keep in mind he’s done this the whole time we’ve been dating and he knows how it makes me feel. I know I’m insecure I don’t need more comments saying I am. Just tell me if I’m overreacting thank you