HSG inconclusive??


Anyone ever cramped up during the HSG and been told it was inconclusive because the contrast didn't spill out of the tubes?

Back story, had my son 2.5 years ago, no issues getting pregnant, no meds.

Started trying for#2 and after a year of no luck I saw my high risk OB dr who also is a reproductive endocrinologist. He did an SIS and bubble test 6 months ago, said my tubes are open and uterus looks great, I have PCOS I guess. Then he left state unexpectedly and I had to switch to CNY fertility. .they prefer the HSG test which was this morning and I was told it was inconclusive... She said she saw the contrast go into the tubes but it never spilled out and it could be from cramping and that it happens sometimes and she doubts they are blocked.... Sound fishy to anyone?

We are on our second round of clomid this month, they also told me I had 5 follicles on my left ovary getting mature and 2 on my right and to come back Saturday and ill have another follicle scan to check them and possibly do my trigger.