☆Religious preference☆what do you answer with?

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When setting up care at a new doctor's office, I am commonly asked if I have any religious preferences. After talking with my atheist mom I have decided to start answering "yes atheist." Instead of just saying no. My mother has done this in a very hick town here and got dirty looks. I haven't done mine in person but over the phone, though I can hear the shock in the long pause that follows, even in Portland, Oregon which is a very atheist heavy city.

I think it's important to define it, because if you just answer no it may give people the wrong idea that you could still believe in a high power or something. Also I think it's important for Christians to not feel all powerful, which seems the case at least here in the USA and for them to know we are not keeping our mouths shut or heads down anymore.

☆☆So my question: when asked for religious preferences do you answer no or say athiest/agnostic? If not would you consider starting?