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Say you’re out with your husband/boyfriend/partner and you are heavily pregnant, you see a woman struggling really badly with a very heavy very awkward box for a crib, she is alone. Do you just stand there staring for 5+ minutes while she drops it multiple times or do you ask your significant other who is also staring to offer some help. Personally, I would ask my boyfriend to offer some help if he didn’t offer first.

WELL, I was in Walmart tonight buying my crib and this couple just stared at me and my 8month pregnant self struggle and drop this motherfucking box. I literally dragged it on the ground past them and they said nothing.

People suck. End rant.

*I asked an employee to send someone to help me, waited 15 minutes in the section and nobody came.

*As a FTM I didn’t realize how heavy the dang box would be, excuse my ignorance.

*I have a very small circle of friends and they weren’t able to come help.

*Today was the last day this crib was on sale so yes, I needed to purchase it while it was still on sale.

*My boyfriend works late so he would not have been able to help me.

*When I checked out a store employee took it out to my car. It remains in my vehicle until my boyfriend gets home and can get it out.

*I prefer to keep my credit card free for emergencies so I didn’t want to order online. I wanted to use cash in the store.

*Silver lining is that I got some serious squatting/lifting/cardio in today and all you ladies are the sweetest!