Future baby name

So I was hanging out with my sister in law and mother in law and we got on the topic of babies. My fiancé and I are ttc and I’ve been dead set on a boy and girl name for years. I told them my two options and they had negative things to say about both. I love the name Carter for a girl and Rylan for a boy, but they think the girl name is too masculine and that whenever she gets older, she’d get bullied. And of course Rylan is too girly and he’d also be made fun of for it. 🙄 idk I just think it’s ridiculous, thoughts?

I should add in that my fiancé loves the same names. And so I don’t have to keep repeating myself, when I say carter I see it as more of a girly name, and I personally don’t like the name Rylan for a girl.