Is it possible?

On November 2 I got a vvfl on a frer (glow said I was 15/16 days late I think before I saw the vvvfl) and amazon strip pregnancy test (the day before my faint line it was negative). Well not to long after I started spotting which I thought was normal. Till it turned to full out bleeding just like a normal period with clots. I retested the next day and the day after and they were fading. So right away I thought chemical pregnancy. I was devastated! The bleeding stopped after 6/7 days like my normal af days. When it stopped we went right back in to trying to conceive again since I heard it’s easier to get pregnant right after a chemical/miscarriage. Well according to glow I’m two days late as of today. Yesterday I tested with a frer hoping I’ll get dark lines but instead I saw and SO thought we were going crazy because we saw a vvvfl (every time I asked him if he saw anything and he never did so I was surprised he saw the vvvfl. I know his eyes were good and I must have line eyes after staring at nothing for 2 years. He actually saw something but it was sooooo faint not even my camera could pick it up (maybe a little). Well my question is if I had a chemical pregnancy on November 2 is it possible that it’s picking up hcg from that time? The line was gone I believe when I retested on the last day. Will be testing in a week. Yesterday’s test👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Believe me it’s kinda hard to see on pics and camera but in person we both saw something. 🌈♥️