Getting tested for STI’s

This might sound kinda stupid, but I genuinely don’t know the answer and can’t find anyone close to me who does.

So in January, I lost my virginity to my current boyfriend. We had only been talking for a few weeks when we had sex, and I was shy when we first started talking so I never asked about other partners (I later found I was his 5th). I got on birth control about a week after I had sex with him and was obviously tested at my gynecologists. I came back clean, but since I’ve been dealing with yeast infections/or BV which I can’t really tell if it’s BV or not. When I had the two yeast infections, I was swabbed and confirmed for it so I wasn’t too worried. But now I’m having more serious symptoms like an off smell, weird discharge, and just tingly feelings.

I’m just wondering if any STI’s could’ve slipped past them if I had only had sex a week before being tested. Like would it show up in results?? Or could this be BV?

(Don’t bash me for sounding kinda stupid. I’m just curious.)