Makeshift “Nursery” - Show me your nursery space!


Our baby will be in our room for the first year (per Dr. recommendations for lowering risk of SIDS). We plan to start him in a bassinet and move him to the crib and then transitioning him to a shared bedroom with big brother at 12-18 months. Anyone else keeping baby in their room for a year?

I’m setting up an amazing themed shared bedroom for the boys currently, but for now I just made a simple sign for over the crib in our bedroom. It’s the little things (like a typed sign, and a new toy) that make me feel prepared and even more excited to have him here!

(Before I get scolded, pillows and toy will be removed prior to using the crib. 😉)

Drop your nursery or makeshift photos here!! I would love to see others in this group!!