Monday wedding? Okay!


Friday the 7th of December my man and I decided out of nowhere to go and get a marriage license and on Monday the 10th we had a little gathering with some of our friends and family and got married!

Little back story, I’ve known my now husband for a couple years, but started dating 5 months ago, and I instantly knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life! When I met him I was still with my ex of 4 years. I never once thought about marriage or a family with my ex, it never once crossed my mind. After I broke up with him I honestly didn’t want to be with any one. I was done being used by men and I was ready to be independent again! When my husband came into my life again he completely changed the way I see my life! He showed me what true happiness was! And yes 5 months seems a little too soon to be getting married but he is the one man that truly treats me like a queen, and that always has me laughing and smiling! He is my best friend and honestly has been the only man to actually step up and break me out of my shell! No I’m not pregnant! (Which has been everyone’s first question, since we decided to have such a simple laid back wedding!) We’re just madly in love! Also he is 25 and I’m 23 we were ready to finally settle down! Both of us played the field enough 🤣

Also side note: weddings have never been my thing! I’m a tomboy and always dreaded the idea of wearing a big white dress!