Folic Acid & PCOS

So I've had PCOS since I was 14. We found out when i had a positive pregnancy test & was still a virgin. I had cysts that were giving off hormones of a pregnant woman. Over the past 14 years, the irregularity never stopped. A couple times we thought I was pregnant (in my 20s) & my period would come & last over 29 days!! Eventually I stopped taking bc. I decided to let my body do its thing. Along with PCOS, I have also been diagnosed with Metromenorrhagia (excessive bleeding, painful periods) to later find out both my mom & my aunt had reproductive issues as well.

Well now I am engaged & I started taking folic acid over a month ago because we wants kids & I was told by a friend that when she wanted to get pregnant, the folic acid really worked. Well, after day 1 of taking it, I started spotting. Mind you, my period stopped about a week after i got a cortisone shot in my hip in April. Fast forward through about 2 weeks of spotting, the freaking flood gates broke down & I'm now having my usual long, very heavy, painful period.

So my question is this: has anyone experienced this while taking folic acid?could it just be coincidental? I've also changed my eating habits because I'm trying to lose weight...and I changed jobs to reduce my stress levels...