I want a baby and he doesn’t right now

So I got married this past August to my high school sweetheart, he’s 22 and I’m 20. So yes we are pretty young. Lately all I can think about is having a baby, like every month I’m sad when I get my period. I want to have a kid so bad. My husband a few months ago said he wanted to try then when I got my period and I was sad he decided that he didn’t want to try anymore. I was crushed and still kind of am. I mean that month we started dreaming, naming our children, talking about how we wanted to raise our children. He said that he’s not ready, he’s scared that he won’t be a good dad. (he had a hard childhood, absent father, his mom was 16 when she had him, so things weren’t easy and he had to grow up really fast). So parents out there did you feel ready, do you ever feel ready? Or what made you ready to try?

I’m just turning into this baby crazy hormonal women, dreaming about being pregnant and I’m trying to be supportive of my husband not being ready. How do I wait? How do I help him get over his fears of being a dad?